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Last Month of 2022 Diving!

We want to remind everyone that Loch Low-Minn is still open for the 2022 open water diving season until the end of the month of October, including the weekend of October 29-30! That means that there are only five weekends left, so don't miss your chance to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage reflected in the clean and still warm water! Despite the cooler nights, heat is absorbed throughout the summer, so the water will stay pretty much the same temperature throughout the next few of weeks. As an added bonus, the visibility will only improve as the algae disappears! You still have time to dive, sharpen your skills, and try out existing or new gear. We will continue to be open on regular weekends hours from 9am until 6pm (entry closes at 4pm) for the rest of the month. Air & Nitrox fills, as well as other gear for rent, are available.

Unfortunately, we will not have an official underwater pumpkin carving contest this year, but if anyone feels like trying their hand at carving a jack-o'-lantern under the water, feel free to bring a pumpkin and tools to challenge yourself and impress your friends. This opportunity is available any remaining weekend before Halloween!


Labor Day Weekend

In observance of Labor Day, Loch Low-Minn will be closed on Monday, September 5th. However, we will still be open during regular business hours on Saturday and Sunday (9/3 - 9/4). We look forward to seeing you next weekend and hope everyone has a great holiday!


Closed August 6

Loch Low-Minn will be closed on Saturday, August 6 for a much needed break. We will re-open on Sunday, August 7 for regular business hours. Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you all soon!


Independence Day Weekend

Loch Low-Minn will be open during regular business hours this coming Saturday and Sunday (July 2 & 3), but we will be closed on Monday and Tuesday (July 4 & 5) in observance of Independence Day.

We hope to see you this weekend and wish you all a happy and safe Independence Day celebration!


Memorial Day Weekend

In observance of the upcoming Memorial Day, we here at Loch Low-Minn would like to take a moment to gratefully remember all those who gave their life in service to this country.

This year, the loch will be closed on the Monday of Memorial Day proper, but we will remain open during our regular business hours on Saturday and Sunday. We hope to see you then.


Closed on Saturday

Loch Low-Minn will be closed on Saturday, May 14th.

We will be using this time to move one of our popular underwater attractions, the sunken school bus, to a safer and more accessible location at a shallower depth.

For everyone's safety, we will not be open for regular diving while the professional crew is working to move the heavy bus with the boats and rigs.

We'll open back up again on Sunday, May 15th. We apologize for the inconvenience and a short notice, but we thank you for your understanding and support! Come join us on Sunday to see the new and improved sunken bus location!


2022 Open Water Diving Season!

Mark your calendars!

Loch Low-Minn will officially open for the 2022 open water diving season on

Saturday, April 30th

Our business hours will remain 9am - 6pm every Saturday and Sunday (doors close at 4pm). Since hours may unexpectedly change based on weather conditions, we recommend that you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with any schedule changes or other announcements. As always, you can download waivers and find information about our hours, rates, rules, and more on the Information section of this site.

Additionally, with inflation and gas prices skyrocketing, we want to reassure our guests that Loch Low-Minn has committed to not raising our entry fee in 2022! We feel your pain and hope this little step will help your visits continue being fun and stress-free.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!