Attractions at Loch Low‑Minn

Loch Low‑Minn provides the best diving for miles around! Come discover everything there is to see and do at the resort.

Our ten-acre quarry lake is nestled in the beautiful wooded hills of East Tennessee.
Its crystal clear waters have an average visibility of 35ft, so you are sure to see some of its many fish and other attractions.
The lake serves as home to a variety of species, including bluegills, bass, catfish, and the extraordinary paddlefish.
The waters also hold an eclectic assortment of artifacts. You never know what you'll see around the corner.

Site Map

The map below highlights the various points of interest, both in and around the water. Hover over each point to see its title, then click on it to bring up a short description and photo of the point in question.

We would like to extend our thanks to our friends at Rhea's Diving for helping compile the location data for our underwater attractions. Without their help, this helpful tool would not be possible.


Loch Low‑Minn's friendly staff provide unparalleled service. When you need to get your gear down to the water or need your scuba tank refilled, all you need to do is ask. We'll take care of all the drudgery, so you can focus on diving and enjoying your visit.

We're also constantly improving our many topside amenities. We now have a bunch of brand new, custom-built tables, so you'll have lots of room to relax between dives and lay out your gear. Our newly added second dock on the far side of the loch allows multiple diving groups to enter and exit the water without feeling crowded.