Welcome to Loch Low‑Minn!

We are a scuba diving resort in Athens, TN that is based around a ten acre quarry lake.
Our crystal clear waters are home to the ancient and extraordinary paddlefish, among other aquatic wildlife.

We are a scuba diving resort in Athens, TN that is based around a crystal clear, ten acre quarry lake.

We are Now Closed for the Season

The 2018 open water diving season is now officially over.
We look forward to seeing everyone when we reopen again in May 2019.

Affiliated dive schools will still be able to schedule off-season dry-suit dives on a case-by-case basis.
Call us for more information.

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Loch Low‑Minn

Since coming under new management in the summer of 2014, we have been hard at work improving both our on-site and online amenities.

This website is your primary source for the latest available information about Loch Low‑Minn's events, attractions, and policies.

If you're new to the resort, we suggest that you start with our information page. From there, you will be able to explore the various attractions and amenities that we have to offer, meet our staff, discover the history of the resort, and learn about the fascinating paddlefish. You can also find our latest price list, familiarize yourself with our rules, and download the required waivers. If you need help finding the resort or want to see what the latest weather forecast is like, head over to our location page. To see photos and videos of the resort in action, you'll want to see the media page. Finally, to catch up on the latest announcements, you can visit our news archive or follow us on Facebook.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or feedback.
We are always happy to hear from our fellow divers, and we constantly strive to make your diving experience at Loch Low‑Minn as enjoyable as possible.

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Don't forget!

Loch Low-Minn's 5th annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest is this Sunday, October 28th!

Contestants should be ready to submerge by 1pm. They'll have a maximum of 40min to carve their masterpieces. Voting begins at 2pm, and everyone who didn't participate in the carving can cast their vote. Free snacks and drinks will be available. As always, we offer great prizes for first, second, and third place - and merely participating gets you $5 off your day's diving. You must bring your own pumpkin (uncarved and unmarked) to participate. Stencils are not allowed - you must show your own creativity.

Sunday promises to be sunny and warm, and this may be the last weekend of open diving this year, depending on the weather of the following weekend, so we recommend you make the most of it. Come down and enjoy some good, spooky fun and the best diving for miles around. We look forward to seeing you!

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Loch Low-Minn is nestled in the beautiful wooded hills of East Tennessee.
Loch Low-Minn is home to a variety of wildlife, including the extraordinary paddlefish.
There is a lot of cool stuff to see in the waters of Loch Low-Minn.
Visit Loch Low-Minn to experience the best diving for miles around!

Visit our media page for more photos and videos.


May - October

Weekends 9am ‑ 6pm

and by arrangement

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To save time, you can download, print, and sign the applicable waivers by clicking here, then turn them in upon arrival.

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Discover the various points of interest, both in and around the water of the loch.

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10% Off Admission With Valid Military ID

Donate to the Loch

We need some specific items

We asked for items to decorate the bottom of the loch with, and you have stunned us with your generosity. We extend a sincere thank you to everyone that contributed! Because of your kind donations, we can now limit the search to only a few specific items: a motorcycle, a helicopter, or a small plane fuselage. These vehicles can be stripped and sunk in the loch to allow underwater recovery and rescue training. All donations will be sincerely appreciated.

Contact Us to arrange a donation.