2017 Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest

Lommie Carving a Pumpkin

The fourth annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest at Loch Low‑Minn was threatened by the cold and damp, but brave divers came out to uphold the tradition! Multiple divers dared the terrifyingly cold waters, but only one brave soul persevered in carving a Jack-o-Lantern, winning all the glory and prizes.

We want to thank everyone that helped put this event together, and especially the stout-hearted guests that came out to watch and participate despite the chill. You are why we do this, and we hope you enjoyed the day and got a great story to tell in the process. We appreciate and respect you!

Below is a collection of pictures from the event.


First Place
1st Place: Jonathan Culver

Photo Gallery

Divers arrive and begin to suit up
The weather is cold, so the shelter becomes more elaborate
Not sure who is more insulated, the one going under or the one staying dry
Night diving is all fun and games until you become one of the undead
Reservations and doubts begin to creep upon the participants
Safety lies behind, but the bridge has been crossed
A helping hand, a sudden shove
A plan is formed for the upcoming dive
The cold is fierce, but camaraderie warms the spirit, though heat lamps help
The risk is taken, the honor claimed
Warm coffee and hot dogs are provided for participants and spectators alike
One brave soul prepares for the challenge
He emerges with a stupendous work of art
A victory is won, by default but also by bravery and skill
Prizes are awarded
Unexpected prizes on an unusual day
Victor and host pose in triumph
An epic victory, immortalized forever