Nitrox Refills Now Available at Loch Low‑Minn!

Good news, everyone! You can now rent or fill your own Nitrox tanks at Loch Low‑Minn!

Nitrox, also known as "enriched air", offers divers numerous advantages. It allows for a longer bottom time, fewer surface intervals, and longer repetitive dives. There is also less risk of decompression sickness and higher no-decompression limits.

Loch Low‑Minn is now set up for the most common Nitrox mixture used in recreational diving - 32% Oxygen. This means that your Scuba equipment does not need to be oxygen serviced in order to use it with Nitrox. This makes the entire system much safer for both the technician filling the tank and the diver using it.

We use the Continuous Blending System of Nitrox gas delivery. Continuous Blending is a method of blending the gas in the air tank by introducing the desired oxygen concentration mixture before it reaches the compressor inlet. This method is relatively quick and efficient in comparison to other methods. It also allows Nitrox to be safely mixed up to 40% and does not require the tanks and fill system to be oxygen clean.

To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different Nitrox fill systems, visit Nitrox Made Easy.


  • Divers must be Nitrox certified in order to rent or refill Nitrox tanks
  • Nitrox tanks must be properly marked and designated as Nitrox
  • All tanks must display a current hydro and visual inspection

See our rules page for a full set of diving rules and regulations.


Nitrox Rental

80 cu ft $20

Nitrox Fill

Based on 3000psi air pressure

80 cu ft $15
90 - 100 cu ft $16
110 - 120 cu ft $18
133 cu ft $20